Our Mission

We are committed to our clients to find great investment opportunities in O&G, Mining, Real Estate or Other Industries, introducing them to Private Funding, offering Consulting, and 2nd Opinion Services.

Our Values

In every project, we strive to provide excellent service, support, deep understanding of the industry and extensible network, treating our clients like business partners and measuring our performance by their success.

Our Solution

Understand the client's priorities and needs to provide a service to meet those needs. Partnering with them bringing advice, development and practical implementation techniques based on our years of experience.

Cooperation, Partnership, Assignment, or Other Unrelated Requests, contact MCI Group LLC

Business Consulting
95 White Bridge Rd.
Nashville, TN 37205 - USA
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We provide professional and confidential Consulting Service to identify Projects, Products or Services and helping clients to analyze, negotiate and introducing them to the most appropriate party related to their specific business needs ...