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Provider Membership Plan

Our Mission

We are committed to our clients to find great investment opportunities in O&G, Mining, Real Estate or Other Industries, introducing them to Private Funding, offering Consulting, and 2nd Opinion Services.

Our Values

In every project, we strive to provide excellent service, support, deep understanding of the industry and extensible network, treating our clients like business partners and measuring our performance by their success.

Our Solution

Understand the client's priorities and needs to provide a service to meet those needs. Partnering with them bringing advice, development and practical implementation techniques based on our years of experience.


Membership Plan offered free of charge by Private Business Network to qualified Financial Companies like Venture Capitals, Lenders, Private Equity, Investors and Angel Investors that provide funding and support to Domestic and International Companies involved in Manufacturing, Constructions, Real Estate, Energy and all other Other Industries, opening a new collaboration door.

The main objective of this Plan is to encourage all the members to provide funding and financial support to all the Domestic and International Companies projects involved in Manufacturing, Constructions, Real Estate, Energy and all other Other Industries. As an option, you can submit to all the interested Private Business Network members your services for review and proceed further.

To receive projects that may be at your interest, you must subscribe to the interested e-News Channels that meet your specific interest. As always, you can opt-in or opt-out anytime to adjust your business interest at any particular time.

All submissions are sent over SSL 256-bit encryption and are available for review for 180 days to all the interested Network Members. Please be aware that this is free of charge exploratory stage, and the recognition of the rendering services will be settled in the consulting and introductory agreement and paid at the closing/execution of the contract.

Membership Plan Features
  • Access: To introduce Projects or Services to all the interested Network Members
  • Duration: Lifetime
  • Submission: Free Listings to Private Business Network
  • Set-up Fees: Free of Charge
  • Modification: Can be cancel anytime
  • Renew: Not Available
  • Discounts: Not Available 
  • My Account: View Membership Subscription History
  • e-News: Free Listings Access & Update Announcements
  • Manage: Opt-in / Opt-out on e-News Subscriptions
  • Submitted Listings: All submitted listings are secure and available for review, depending submitted expiration date.
  • Project Submissions allowed: Up-to 6 New and/or Updates
  • e-News Channels Available
    - Business Service and Emerging Markets
    - Energy & Mining and Finance & Insurance
    - Media & Communication and Other Industries
    - Real Estate and Tech & Manufacturing
  • All accounts are held in strict confidence, and we do not sell or share it with anyone else.
  • Upon ExpirationCancellationRemoving the user account or the Membership Plan. All the provided data including the Project / Services Submission or Request (not expired) and e-News Service will be deleted within max 30 days.
Special Note:
By subscribing to this membership plan and submitting Products, Projects or Services to Private Business Network, you will:
  1. Agree to our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Consulting Policy.
  2. Confirm your authority to provide that information on behalf of your organization.
  3. Agree to receive periodic Trade e-News Info & Alerts or other publication (free of charge) that you opt-in for the period of the membership (opt-out anytime).
  4. Agree that you are responsible for compliance with any applicable local laws in your area, and the provided information is protected by applicable copyrights and or trademarks law.
  5. Agree that MC International reserve the rights to review, refuse, deny, remove, reject, modify, adjusted or re-submit specific Members Request, Product, Project or Service if such situation is considerate as necessary without prior notice or permission.
Duration: Lifetime
Price: Free
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